ISOPAM Maize Spring 2013

    State: Odisha
    Name of the Agency Conducted FLD: KVK, Deogarh
    Total area under Maize in the state during 2012-13 (Rabi) : 12910 ha
    Average yield of maize in the state during Rabi 2012-13 :2935 kg/ha
    Total production in the state during Rabi 2012-13 : 37890 mts
    Average yield of check/control plot (q/ha) :25.2q/ha
    Name of Village: Adyapur
    Average productivity of Village: 16.40q/ha
    Average productivity of District: 11.67q/ha
    Average productivity of State: 22.91q/ha
Funds released by ICAR (Rs.) Funds utilized for FLD Variety/ Hybrid Total No. of FLDs conducted in acre

Average yield of FLDs ( q/ha)

Difference in average yield of FLDs and state average yield(q/ha) % increase over state average yield
53460 53460 Super-36 30 47.81 18.46 62.89
Overall Assessment Report :
    Farmers became aware on Spring maize production technology
Report on Field Days held :
    Field day was attened by the DAO, Deogarh, AAO Barkote and ATMA officials
    Crop was found excellent
    Marketing of the produce seemed to be the major problem as the district has less potentiality for maize marketing
    Farmer prefer to harvest maize in green cobs instead of seeds
    Increasing cost of fertilizer reducing the farmers interest in cultivation
Total expenditure incurred by the Agency/University/Organization :
Heads Amount (Rs.)
Seeds 17400.00
Fertilizer 24957.00
Pesticides 5163.00
Extension activities 5940.00
Total 53460.00