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Course work is a small volume of independent study of a student studying at a university or college. Work is made in writing, and depending on the discipline, accompanied by drawings, graphs, calculations, tables, diagrams.

In the course reflects the modern theoretical and practical knowledge on a given topic, justified its relevance and significance. The presentation of different points of view is welcome. Course papers are written in scientific language, in the business style of presentation, no spelling, punctuation, semantic, logical errors are allowed.

Написание курсовых работ — один из способов закрепления знаний, полученных по дисциплине, путем их практического использования. Студент самостоятельно подбирает материалы, выполняет их исследование, результаты которого оформляет по установленному шаблону. Объем курсовой обычно составляет 25-30 печатных страниц. Курсовая имеет определенную структуру:

There are two stages that a student goes through before receiving the cherished mark in the record book about passing the course:

writing coursework (selection of topics, search for scientific sources, systematization of information, analysis of theoretical material, calculations);

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