Krishi Vigyan Kendra At A Glance

Information on FLD under Tribal sub-plan of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Deogarh, Odisha of Directorate of Groundnut Research, Junagarh for the year 2011-12

A. Basic information
i. Name of ACZ : North-western plateau agro-climatic zone
ii. Farming situation : Low rainfall lateritic soil
iii. Soil Type: Sandy loam, acidic
B. Area of Groundnut (ha)
  Kharif Rabi Summer Total
District 982 155   1137
State 89540 166510   256050
C. Yield(q/ha)
  Kharif Rabi Summer Average
District 14.25 14.0   14.1
State 15.21 19.36   17.91
D. Fertiliser consumption(kg/ha)
  Kharif Rabi Summer Average
District 31 35   32
State 59 68   62
E. Initial Soil Fertility
5.32 0.36 106.4 Kg/ha 10.9 Kg/ha 341.3 Kg/ha
B. Yield and Economics of FLD on Groundnut under TSP
Variety grown Area
No. of beneficiaries Technology demonstrated (RP) Details of farmers practice
Yield (q/ha)
Yield (q/ha)
% Increase over FP
Smruti 04 10 Varietal substitution, Rhizobium innoculation, RDF 20:40:40, gypsum application 2.5q/ha, IPDM practices Cultivation of old variety AK 12-24, no seed treatment, noapplication of gypsum, fertiliser 20:10:0, no. plant protection measures 20.6 15.4 33.7
Expenditure incurred(Rs/ha)
Contribution from TSP (Rs) Farmers Contribution (Rs) Total (Rs) Gross return (Rs) Net return (Rs) B:C ratio Post-harvest soil fertility
14625 4200 18825 43200 24375 2.29 0.39 120kg/ha 10.8kg/ha 338kg/ha
C. Extension activities:
a. Training conducted( date and no. of participants) with action photographs:
b. Visit to demonstration sites(date, participating scientists/ line dept. officers) with action photographs: S K Nath(SMS, AE), D. Pradhan(AAO, Barkote block) S K Nath(SMS, AE), T.Karna(AO, Jhara Kandhal) S K Nath(SMS, AE), Dr A k Mohapatra(Jt Director, DEE, OUAT), Dr K C Barik(Programme Coordinator) S K Nath(SMS, AE), L.Soren(SMS,PP) S K Nath(SMS, AE), D. Pradhan(AAO, Barkote), T.R.Behera(VAW, Gurujang)
c. Field day conducted(date, participating scientists/ line dept. officers) with action photographs:
      14.05.2012: S K Nath(SMS, AE), D. Pradhan(AAO, Barkote), T.R.Behera(VAW, Gurujang), S. Nayak(BTM, ATMA, Barkote),A. Patro(SMS, WIA)
      08.06.2012: S K Nath(SMS, AE), L.Soren(SMS,PP),S.K.Sahoo(SMS, Hort)
Feed back from farmers:
      # Seed treatment reduced the collar rot
      # Application of gypsum increased filled pod percentage
      #Application of RDF(20:40:40) increased yield
      # Smruti var gives higher yield than AK12-24
      # Interculture during 25 days of sowing gives better yield
d. Feed back from line departments:
      # Application of gypsum during interculture gives better result.
e. Specific remarks:
      #Agro-based intervenations for tribal farmers needs frequent supervision and monitoring