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Your task is to get into the team of participants of such events. Accordingly, geographically you will be in another place (city, region) and physically you will not be able to pass course work on time.

Typically, teachers warn that such and such students are leaving to defend the honor of the university at some event. Accordingly, teachers condescendingly refer to the fact that such students surrender at the wrong time coursework.

“He protects the honor of the university, as he arrives, he will give up everything,” the teacher thinks.

Whatever method you choose within the framework of this strategy, the most important thing for you is to gain time. At the same time, the course itself will not be written, and, if you, for example, leave for an intercollegiate event, you will have to write a term paper in field conditions.

At the same time, as practice shows, in a week you can write anything and anywhere, paying work 1-1.5 hours a day.


Strategy 2: “Long preparation”.

This strategy is based on the fact that you have done all the basic and auxiliary work in preparation for writing a coursework.

Ie, in order to write a term paper for the day, you must first:

– pick up sources of literature;

– learn all the requirements for the design of the termistas;

– determine the goals, objectives, object, subject of work;

– have the skills of quick layout of the material.

We advise you to read: Sources of information for writing coursework

We advise you to read: The title page of the course work (download)

Only in the presence of the above conditions you are able to write a quality course work overnight. At the same time, a guarantee of an excellent result is self-confidence and a cheerful state of mind at night.

If you, excuse me, will “nod” in front of the computer, then during the night you will at most “copy” several pages from different textbooks and that’s it. So try to get enough sleep before a difficult working night.